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This is a data pack for the free Trekking Nepal+ App. You can get the app from any of the app stores and then import the following data (with GPS tracks) for free.

Tunisia, a relatively small country in Northern Africa, is famous for having stunning white sand beaches and bustling inner-city souks. The general perception is that Tunisia’s hinterland consists solely of olive groves and desert. Although the mountains don't reach high altitudes, several regions boast incredible mountainscapes. One of them, just an hour's drive from the capital Tunis, is Jebel Zaghouan. Soaring high above its surroundings, Jebel Zaghouan is a paradise for hikers. The big difference in altitude makes this mountain massif a diverse hiking destination for all tastes and abilities. This guidebook contains 10 day-hikes, varying from easy to difficult. In some cases, routes can be combined, making it possible to shorten or extend a hike. Whether it’s an escape from the beach resort or a dedicated hiking trip, the guidebook to Jebel Zaghouan is an unmissable companion to plan and go out to explore this spectacular mountain range on foot.

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