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This is an anchor page with links to the mobile apps that I have created recently. So find something of interest and click on thru to the other side. Above, one of my worldwide work locations, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India.

My Latest App

Cupid's Relationship Tracker Logo

Click to see more details --->Cupid’s Relationship Tracker

The Relationship Tracker app helps you monitor and record your relationship’s ups and downs so that you can clearly analyze the number and frequency of positive and negative events. With this data you can make decisions about you commitment levels and what needs to change or improve.

A few users have called this a ‘Divorce App’ but I contend that it is simply a tool and it’s up to the user to decide how to apply it. I built it to help improve relationships, not to gather ammunition for a breakup, but like handguns, the manufacture can’t be held accountable for the way the device (app) is used.

Cupid’s Relationship Tracker <---Click to see more details. Download at these fine stores:

Livio's Other Mobile Apps

Click to see more ---> LizzyB Autism Learning Tools

Travel during these Corona Virus self-quarantine times, especially international adventure travel, just isn’t possible. So rather than sitting alone in a cave for a month, I decided to join my daughter and her family and use the time to create a set of Apps for my ASD (autism spectrum disorders) effected granddaughter.

The LizzyB Learning Tools App contains 10 learning games of 10 levels each. Each game focuses on a different learning objective and each of the 10 levels introduces incremental difficulty as the player proceeds along the designed learning path.

Optionally, the parent can configure LizzyB Learning Tools to progress in different directions or to any game/level if desired.

LizzyB Autism Learning Tools <--- Click to see details.

Autism Counting 123 <---click for details

A totally free beginner number learning game for kids with developmental delays (autism specially) and toddlers. It speaks & writes it’s questions in multiple languages. Here is the list of current languages supported.

English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian/Hrvatski & Spanish.

Press Release

Click for details ---> Autism Counting 123

Space Math (Android Only)<---click for details

Space Math for Kids (preschool kids) is made of 3 parts. The first teaches counting (1-10) with numbers and objects. I found that my autistic granddaughter memorized numbers easily but struggled to interpret them as objects, especially when required to recite them in different combinations (numbers vs objects or mixed). So I built this as a entry point for testing learning tools. However, my other grand kids enjoyed it so much that I released it just for kicks.

Click for details ---> Space Math (Android Only)

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